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Ring of General Macias

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Ring of General Macias


Josephina Niggli was born to European American parents. She strongly she knew a lot about Mexican culture where she was born and raised.   She was also a great writer .some of her subjects included women’s Mexican culture and the Mexican revolution. The Mexican revolution created a new generation of Mexican American authors. Josephina came from an age during rough patch in Mexican history. In the year of 1913 their president Francisco was assassinated. After that she and her family left Mexico and ran to the southwestern united states.  Shortly after in 1925 Josephina was sent to a school in San Antonio, where one of her teachers realized that she had some potential in writing. The teacher is said to have once locked her in a room until she finish a short story to be qualified in a magazine completion, which she took second in.

In the Ring of General Macias and the Article the Mexican revolution 1910  are similar because they are compared General Macias as a dictator as like president  Diaz was in the Article the Mexican Revolution.  The quote, “Yes, senora, I am a poor peasant, that’s true. But still I have a right to live like a man, with my own ground, and my own family, and my own future” (Niggli 928). Is talking about the peasant’s struggles, and everyone’s elses wealth and how the dictator is running the government.  The peasant’s struggles were that they did not have a lot of money and that they wanted to vote for their own president in a democracy. But they couldn’t because they had a dictator for their president .president Diaz’s dictator ship is a main cause of Mexican Revolution.

The Mexican revolution was started because of a lot of factors. President Diaz’s was their president for thirty-one years.  The power was in was mainly in Diaz’s hands and, and the people had no say at all.It was only up to Diaz and selects few of others. “ In the 20th century there was a new generation of young leaders who wanted to participate in the political life in their country but were denied by officials who already were entrenched in the power and were not allowed to let anyone else take their place.”(Consular) The people that wanted to be young leaders believed they could assume their role in the Mexican politics once President Diaz announced publicity that was Mexico was already a democracy.  “In March of 1911, Emiliano Zapata let the uprising of the peasants of Morelos to claim their rights over local land and water” (Consular).  In this quote they are talking about how the peasants after all the time they fought for their rights they ended up getting them which is what they wanted.

The book, The Ring of General Macias and the Article, The Mexican revolution 1910. They are similar because they both have to do with the same idea of a dictatorship and people fighting for their rights. The book of general Macias is just like the Mexican revolution because there is a general named General Macias and they are comparing him to President Diaz in the actual in the article.  The author of the Book the Ring of General Macias is very accurate to the Article the Mexican revolution because she had a real life experience with it so she could explain it very well.

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