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This Just In: Little Girl Stuck in Mud… Waiting for Death!!!

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Good afternoon America, this is  Rolf Carle her to tell you about the story of Azucena. a 13 year old girl who got caught up in a terrible volcanic eruption. The volcano blew chunks like no other. the people of this little town had no chance. the whole town had an odor of death.just seeing the girl helpless laying in the volcanic mud was like beating yourself with a rook. just to think that if someone had a pump we could have saved this little girl. she still had a full life in front of her

Weeks before the mountin awoke from hybrnation there were geologist with seismographs to study the horrific incident that was about to unfold in fount of us. but they never warned any of the people.right after the big bang new crew rushed out to the scene just to get a shot. but none of them would help. some would stay only a couple of days but once their jobs were done they scattered out of there faster than ants under a magnifying glass. but i stayed and helped these poor soals. one girl caught my attention. she was buried in waist deep and couldnt move. i went over to her after we did our flyover and asked this girl her name. she siad that it was Azucena but her flower name was lily. and boy did this girl look like a lily.

i keep talking to this girl and i keep telling her that everything is going to be okay but all she does is stare at me with a blank face.the first few hours i did all could to help her but then quickly realize that I’m going to need some the day begains to come to an end people are fanticly trying to get as many people as possible out. the man next to this girl used a tire as a life boey to pull himslef closer to her. people keep yelling and talking and them im finally told that ther will be no transportation until next morning. WE CAN WAIT THAT LONG! i yell! we need help now.

the next morning comes and a doctor is finally able to come look at this girl in need.he tells use that her heart is working fine but she is too cold to survie the night. Hang on, Azucena, we’ll have the pump tomorrow i tell hershe begs me not to leave her alone.someone brings me some coffee and i help Azucena  drink it.she finally gets something warm in her. but i can see that see is still fading fast.

Azucena was shivering inside the tire that held her above the surface. Immobility and tension had greatly weakened her, but she was conscious and could still be heard. Her tone was humble, as if apologizing for all the fuss. I had started a growth of beard, and had dark circles under my eyes.She keeps getting worse and cant even eat any food. i knew that it was about time to give up when the priest came over and blessed this little girl. “The sky is weeping,” Azucena murmured”Don’t be afraid,” I begged. “You have to keep your strength up and be calm. Everything will be fine. I’m with you, and I’ll get you out somehow.”but ii knew she wasn’t and began to cry. all i could do is watch this little girl die.

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